Cyber Awareness 2017-2018

Strong passwords, the phishing threat and more | taught by Michelle Ward

Course description

We depend upon technology and information to be available and accurate. Cyber criminals are getting better at "hacking humans" using social engineering methods. YOU play a role in protecting our resources and this course will help you to do so.

Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are letting criminals into online accounts with ease. Learn a simple method to create strong and memorable passwords.


You are most likely to be caught off guard online in your INBOX. Every day, cyber criminals send out seemingly innocent e-mails meant to take over your computer or your online accounts. In some cases, the are even impersonating people you know to gain your trust.

You'll learn how to recognize and avoid these phishing scams with a simple method that, once put into practice, will become second nature.


Michelle  Ward
Michelle Ward
CISSP, CSSLP, CEO and Founder of Cyber Safe Workforce LLC